Case Studies

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Censia uses its AI-powered talent intelligence technology to help companies find, evaluate and hire talent. Established in 2017, the San Francisco company pivoted during the pandemic to get more than 3 million at-risk and displaced workers into hiring pipelines.

The challenge

In the process of developing their new platform the company needed a small army of data analysts to help with the structuring of their raw data.

How InfoSource is helping

Infosource is delivering a dedicated team of 9 FTE that are deployed to various projects requiring data mining, cleansing and labeling.

Our key achievements

• two and a half years of support
• 2 million companies matched
• 60 000 executive profiles verified

Company Info

Company Info is a Dutch B2B online information portal for company and other publicly available information. Infosource started cooperation with the company still in their start-up phase and since then has helped the company to grow to one of the leading b2b information portals and preferred one stop-shops for information in the Netherlands.

The challenge

Despite the fact that a great part of CI’s data is automated a lot is done manually. The cooperation project with Company Info includes information retrieval, data extraction and update of database.

How InfoSource is helping

InfoSource has set up a Backoffice support team which became responsible for 85% of the manual update of data on the portal. We currently perform all sorts of Human-in-the-Loop activities, to name a few: news, annual accounts, statutes, pension funds variables and LinkedIn profiles. At present our team is helping the client with the following activities:

• monitoring specific sites for new financial and company information
• extracting key indicators from official documents
• reading notes to financial statements and reasoning out and extracting information of interest
• validating information provided by automatic recommender systems
• annotating machine learning training sets

Our key achievements

In 2021 we have:

◦ Processed a total of 168 000 annual reports
◦ Extracted information from 50 000 company legal documents
◦ Updated key information for more than 250 000 companies
◦ Employees engaged – 14 FTE
◦ More than 15 years of support



Owlin is an ambitious technology company that is developing cutting-edge, real-time data analysis. Since its foundation in 2012, they have positioned themselves at the forefront of machine learning and artificial-intelligence-based innovations in the financial sector. Their international team is comprised of driven data scientists, engineers, designers, who are revolutionizing big data and AI solutions.

The challenge

The client identified a need to outsource some of their data analysts work. With their business growing rapidly they needed to quickly onboard a team of skilled data analysts to meet the demands of their clients.

How InfoSource helped

InfoSource provided a team of data analysts who were given a full training set and software access to work remotely as part of the client’s team. The team have worked closely together over the past few years and are proud to be supporting the growth of the client’s business.

Our key achievements

Became trusted members of the client’s team.
Helped the client to achieve internal targets.
Helped to identify bugs and fixes within the client’s software.
Working efficiently with the client to create a successful, executable strategy.


PostNL is the premier provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. Working closely with national postal services and private delivery partners in order to offer customers the most comprehensive and reliable network for delivery of their mail, packets and parcels – not just in the Netherlands but also abroad.

The challenge

PostNL needed data entry services from a partner based in the EU who complies with EU data protection regulations. The project included time critical work with strict turnaround times and good language skills for quality data entry.

How InfoSource has helped

InfoSource set up a team of multilingual, skilled data entry processors who were able to complete the data entry tasks efficiently, within strict turnaround times and with accuracy. Quality results were guaranteed and delivered.

What the client says about us

Data entry across the border. The Dutch National Federation of Anglers delivers the physical cards in the morning, and PostNL is expected to return the output by the end of the day already. Toine Aarts explains: ‘The box with all forms for one day goes to PostNL, where they are scanned for the data-entry company in Bulgaria. They input all data there, in a format we can support. In fact, we get the same box back, but now digitally. And that works great. We can find everything easily and quickly because, for example, we use the same numbering.’

Our key achievements

Became a trusted partner of the client and delivered on our promises.
Helped The Dutch Post to achieve internal targets for quality compliance.
Worked efficiently with the client to execute a strategy involving time critical work.

Het Financieele Dagblad

A daily Dutch newspaper focused on business and financial matters. The paper was established in 1943 and is the seventh-most-circulated national daily newspaper in the Netherlands. The headquarters are in Amsterdam.

The challenge

Faced by a rapidly changing landscape in the media industry, the client was confronted with the need to pursue a strategy based on innovation in its attempt to respond to disruptors and transition from analogue to digital. The company has launched multiple initiatives to come up with new products to respond to the changing needs and reading habits of its subscribers. In its quest to create new tools for smart journalism and make the most out of the huge chunks of available data, the Digital Division was confronted with the need to expand its digital agents’ workforce.

How InfoSource helped

InfoSource has helped the client with a range of tasks including:

  • Creating ML training-sets
  • Data annotation
  • Data validation
  • Mining and analytics
  • Daily reports
  • Selection of Keywords
  • Preparation of Articles

Our key achievements

Became a trusted partner of the client.
Helped to develop tools relating to smart journalism.
Worked efficiently with the client to create a successful, executable strategy.