Digital Capabilities and the Human Factor in Outsourcing Location Decisions

Digital Capabilities and the Human Factor in Outsourcing Location Decisions

Are digital capabilities and the human factor the decisive factor when choosing your outsourcing partner?

Trends in business services delivery show that after the big move in the 2010s towards outsourcing and the spin-off of non-core operations, in the past decade the focus is turning to automation of high-volume, repetitive activities. Automation of big data management becomes crucial for organizations’ success.

But even as automation has transformed service operations, the human capital has remained a major factor: the availability of educated and digital-savvy talent pool has become a strong differentiator between regions and cities as they compete for their position as business-service locations. Digital capabilities are in rising demand and are outweighing the traditional cost considerations in companies’ location strategies.

Bulgaria – a digital hub in Eastern Europe

Bulgaria has been ranked on the 17th place in the Global Services Location Index  in the 2021 A.T. Kearney ranking. The GSLI tracks the global landscape across 60 countries across four major categories: financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, business environment, and a new digital resonance category that we introduced in 2019.

Bulgaria ranks high in digital capabilities – it is known for its highly-skilled IT specialists, whose expertise has been recognized by many rankings. According to the industry reports, 30% of ICT specialists work in the sector of IT outsourcing in Bulgaria.

Every year nearly 2,200 IT specialists graduate from Bulgarian universities. Around 220 high schools offer tech courses, including software engineering, information technologies, and other IT-related subjects. Bulgarian IT industry has a significant impact on higher educational institutions, encouraging them to launch new courses. In addition, English is studied as a compulsory subject in schools and universities, which contributes to the overall high English proficiency in the country.

Recently a new Institute for computer science, artificial intelligence and technology – INSAIT was established in Bulgaria, in partnership with Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and EPFL, two of the world’s best technical universities.

INSAIT has its sole focus on world-class research and scientific excellence in the areas of computer science and artificial intelligence. It is a pioneering initiative which carries the potential to establish Bulgaria as a world-class destination for computer science and artificial intelligence research.

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