InfoSource Is Donating 20% of Its Profits to Charity – Here Is Why

InfoSource Is Donating 20% of Its Profits to Charity – Here Is Why

At InfoSource we want to do more than boost businesses and deal with data. This is why we have taken the step of ensuring that 20% of the company profits go to charity.

Why is charity important to us? As a company, we believe that, where possible, we should go beyond providing corporate support to our clients. That is why we take real interest in our employees. Understanding what matters to them is high on our agenda.

We are proud of our track record of employing driven and talented people, including students, who will be affecting change long into the future. Championing their needs, as well as everyone connected to the company, is an important motivation. This is why recently we asked our 25-employee-strong staff to present various initiatives they support.

At the meeting InfoSource workers agreed that the business had a responsibility to step outside the revenue bubble and make a positive difference elsewhere. Out of the several proposals put forward, six were chosen for the company to support.

Many of the causes are close to home, supporting initiatives in Bulgaria and deserving people connected to InfoSource. Environmentally, the company will pledge to fight illegal logging in the country, which harms national forests and will deprive regions of drinking water in the future. It will also support couples struggling with infertility, babies removed from their parents, and young people with autism and cerebral palsy.

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