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Data management

Data Management has been a cornerstone of our research services for more than 10 years. We have spent the last decade sharpening our skills and processes to consistently deliver databases of the highest quality with unmatched speed and flexibility.

At InfoSource, we perform all types of data processing tasks that include online and offline data entry, all sorts of database manipulation; migration, consolidation, and summarization of data; transformation, manipulation, and creation of spreadsheets and charts. We provide immediate access to highly educated, well-trained and reliable operators who can deliver world class data processing services. They have deep knowledge and many years of experience in the field of software and systems, providing a successful data management solution that meets all your requirements.

Data conversion

Our skilled staff will turn your information into useful entries in a fully searchable digital library. We will transform your data (PDF, XML, EXCEL, HTML and others) into a powerful source of information which can fuel your business growth and enable you to make intelligent decisions.

Data mining and analysis

We connect the dots for you and analyze huge chunks of data in order to find trends, forecast results and give additional insight into your operations.

Data collection and research

Our full spectrum of quality and efficient data collection solutions will provide you with insight into the volumes of data and empower you with valuable information. We will help you make the right decisions at the right time and stay ahead of the competition. And yes, we have been doing it for more than 10 years now!

We, at InfoSource understand that your organization’s information is among your most important assets, and so we take the utmost care to maintain high security and confidentiality. Our Data Collection services help you manage, retrieve, and maintain your data in the easiest way possible.

Our recent projects include offering a complete spectrum of customized Data Collection Services to medium and large-scale businesses across all major industry verticals in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and several other European countries. We are proud that our long-term clients consider us an irreplaceable extension of their Data Management Department.

Content management

Document management

We help you reinvent the value of your content! We will help you store and maintain a trustworthy and efficient library of documentation. Find what you need in just seconds and improve significantly the effectiveness of your employees.

Writing new content and Editorial services

We create strategic content for entrepreneurs, focused on business and financial topics with the same ease as creating tailor-made product reviews for the high-tech market.  Our editors and writers have raised the bar pretty high and can deliver content in more than 5 languages.

Media monitoring and analytics

Do you want to know what people think? We can help! Our outstanding team of specialists can keep track of both conventional (this includes even radio listening) and social media and give you a detailed summary in exact accordance with your needs. We can also give you suggestions on what we think should be done in order to reach your goals and improve your competitiveness. And yes, we can do it in more than 5 languages.

Business process outsourcing

Not finding what you need? Don’t worry – we at InfoSource can also help you outsource many other processes and activities so that you can concentrate on your core competences. We are currently performing quite a bit of other processes for our clients in which we have developed strategic skills. Please, drop us a few lines so that we can determine if we can help your business flourish.

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Data Protection Policy

Our company has initiated all necessary steps to ensure the highest level of data protection for its partners, employees and customers after the beginning of the application of GDPR in all member-states of the European Union.

Infosource collects, processes and stores personal data of clients and suppliers current and perspective employees adhering to all applicable legal requirements.

Personal data are collected and stored by the company in regard of the conclusion and the performance of contracts. Those data could be used for other purposes ONLY upon an explicit prior written consent of the data owner.

Personal data are collected and stored for the duration of the contracts concerned. Upon their termination personal data are preserved until all potential claims are extinguished or no longer capable of being adjudicated upon. The data may be kept for a longer period if a statute provides so or after obtaining the explicit written consent of the data owner. Personal data of job applicants will be deleted one month after the conclusion of the hiring process unless the candidate explicitly consents to a longer term.

Infosource has a sound confidentiality policy in place. Personal data collected and processed by us is disclosed only to employees and contractors when their professional duties and contractual obligations require it and after those having been instructed and trained how to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the data. All natural persons whose data have been collected or processed by the company have the right to access their data, the right of rectification and erasure of the data and are entitled to all other rights and remedies under GDPR and the applicable national legislation. Please send any request related to the protection of your personal data to privacy@infosourcebulgaria.com.

The above information represents merely a short and non-exhaustive extract of our data protection policy. All additional information regarding data protection could be obtained by sending us an electronic request to privacy@infosourcebulgaria.com.