Setting up a team in Bulgaria

Setting up a team in Bulgaria

Setting up a team in Bulgaria could be the answer to your outsourcing needs. 

Being a member of the EU and having one of the lowest income tax rates in Europe make Bulgaria a very attractive place to base your remote workforce. 

Motivated teams

In a recent survey conducted by a leading employer in the BPO sector, 87% of young Bulgarians without work experience said they would prefer a flexible working environment. Hiring students who can speak many languages and are keen to build their work experience while studying can be a really great addition to any company. Having flexible working times keeps the young team motivated, and in return they bring their eagerness to learn and grow.

Bulgaria offers so much more

Bulgaria is well-known for its expertise in IT with a huge demand for skilled tech teams. However, it’s not just the tech industry that’s booming here, the outsourcing industry in general is too. The idea of cheap labour and operating costs being the decision maker for companies looking to outsource is rapidly changing. Bulgaria is still one of the cheapest places in Europe. However, in comparison to places such as the Philippines, it’s not as cheap. However, what Bulgaria offers is far more valuable than cheap labour.

Bulgaria is in the EU, which means that companies here need to be fully compliant with general data protection, workplace health, safety and welfare regulations. Also, General Liability, Professional Liability and Cyber Risk insurance policies are offered by reputable International Insurance providers.

The culture and work ethic are more similar to that of the rest of Europe and the USA. Bulgaria is also incredibly well-connected to Europe and beyond. Travel to and from the major cities such as Sofia is an easy task to manage.

It’s easy setting up a team when you know how

InfoSource have been recruiting talented students and management and setting up teams in Bulgaria for many years. There is some administration involved with the process, but with the know-how, things always run more smoothly! If you are considering setting up a team in Bulgaria as an extension to your business and need some help finding office space, recruiting staff or managing the legal aspects of the process, talk to us. We can help you!

Alternatively, if you have a project that requires some initial support on a smaller scale, our friendly, hard-working team are already in place and would love to help you get started. 

Send us an email. We will be happy to call you for a chat to see what we can do for you.

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