The Human-in-the-loop Career Dilemma

The Human-in-the-loop Career Dilemma

Human-in-the-loop – a sweatshop or a stepping stone for personal and professional growth?

A simple way of finding out on which side of the scale your company stands is by measuring overall staff satisfaction, staff engagement levels, turnover rate, unplanned absenteeism and medium tenure.

We are celebrating the fact that we are beating our industry’s average by large and are grateful to have a happy and engaged workforce whose individuals feel heard and valued and associate with the greater purpose.

One can also assess the impact of former tenures on future career paths by witnessing professional growth and career development of former employees. We had the pleasure of working with more than 250 bright individuals during the last 17 years and are happy to observe many of them occupying well paid middle management positions in large and mid-sized international companies or developing their own business or social initiatives.


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