What is Human in the Loop (HITL)?

What is Human in the Loop (HITL)?

If you have considered automating any of your business processes, you have probably heard the phrase Human in the Loop (HITL). So what is Human in the Loop? As the name suggests, when a computer system cannot solve a problem, it requires some human intervention. That’s the Human in the Loop! As the system or Artificial Intelligence is learning, it will use the human answers to improve its problem-solving abilities.

We still need Human decisions

As we automate more of our processes, it is important to remember that some human thinking is always needed. No matter how advanced, a computer or machine cannot make human decisions to solve problems. It can save a lot of time and resources, but, you should always have a dedicated person or team to oversee the machine’s work. Why? Because it can also make mistakes!

Use the 80/20 rule

Just as the Pareto Principle is used in many aspects of business and software development, the same rule should apply to the automation of your processes. Rather than full automation, we should aim to have 80% automated processes and 20% human management of them. This allows for human decisions to be made when necessary, which can be crucial to the success of your business.

Automation is not just for the big players

These days it isn’t just the big players like Google who are adapting to the automation of their processes. There are also many SME’s who are relying more on machines to improve productivity and keep up with their competition. However, it’s important that the Human in the Loop is someone who understands these processes. And equally as important, has the time to monitor them properly.

Let us be your Human in the Loop

We at InfoSource assist many small and large businesses by overseeing the automation of their processes. We have flash teams of cloud, crowd, and click workers who are a critical component of the preparation of training sets and the carrying out of (semi-) supervised Human in the loop learning endeavours.

If you’d like to know more about how we could help your business move forward and manage your automated processes, please get in touch!

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