What is Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning?

What is Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning?

Human-in-the-Loop in artificial intelligence (AI) is where the interaction between humans and machines happens. Machine learning algorithms stand at the base of artificial intelligence, and one could say they almost govern the world. They find and apply models in huge amounts of data, the data having first been made machine-friendly by humans.

In essence, people train, tune, and test a particular algorithm for machine learning to improve the accuracy of AI processes. The human workforce input plays an essential role throughout the whole AI lifecycle – from proof of concept and proof of scale, to model in production.

AI has complex, time-consuming data preparation requirements. According to analytical company Cognilytica, 80% of project development time is spent on data preparation, labeling, and processing. Quality data is the key to creating high-performance AI projects. In fact, the success or failure of a project is largely determined by how the challenges regarding the data and the data workforce are managed.

Companies often do not have the internal resources to label large data sets and ensure accuracy and quality of data labeling. As a result, missing or inaccurate data, workforce overload, and algorithm and quality control failures drive companies to look for an outsourced workforce and technology to accelerate the AI lifecycle.

It is crucial that the Human-in-the-Loop workforce can operate with measurable quality and speed so that the processes can be continuously improved. Human-in-the-Loop companies offer data labeling tools and expertise in large-scale data labeling and are crucial in achieving the desired quality levels.

Human-in-the-Loop is needed in practically all phases of the AI development model. A variety of tasks are included, which can be efficiently outsourced, including:
• data collection
• data cleaning, validation, and standardization
• data annotation and quality control – annotation of text, image, video
• labeling of machine learning training sets.

As data processing is becoming more and more automated, Human-in-the-Loop is here to stay. At InfoSource, we can provide flash teams of cloud, crowd, and click workers to deploy your Human-in-the-Loop machine learning endeavors.

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